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Sean Sunshine financial group member

Sean M. Koch

Sean Koch is a licensed Mortgage Broker in the state of Florida and has been President of Sunshine Financial Group for 20 years. Prior to being president, Sean has been in the Mortgage industry since 1988 where he began his career in Real Estate/Finance at Ocean Bank.

Sean is recognized as a well-known top producer in the mortgage field for over 32 years. Sean enjoys educating and informing his clients, so they are able to make an informed decision.

His“client first” mentality has helped him develop an outstanding reputation in the real estate community and has created a broad network of satisfied past clients.

Sean is currently a member of:

  • Florida Mortgage Brokers Association
  • Latin Builders Association
  • Chase Customer Advisory Board
Victor Sunshine financial group member

Victor Torres

Victor is the Co-Founder & CFO Sunshine Financial Group. Victor over his career has managed a wide range of real estate-related businesses. Victor is an active Licensed Real Estate Broker, property manager, and a licensed mortgage broker. Victor’s passion for everything real estate can be seen in his successful businesses. Sunshine Financial was a natural and obvious progression for Victor and his growing portfolio of businesses.

Career Highlights

  • CFO Sunshine Financial Group
    (Loan Brokerage 1997-Present)
  • CEO, P.U.R.E. Investments Inc.
    (Real Estate Brokerage 2010-Present)
  • Managing Partner, Urbanea Management Group
    (Property Management, 2011-Present)
  • Owner / Operator of 8 multi-family bldgs.
    1 professional bldg. and 8 retail stores.
    Construction Management and Design
  • COO & Co-Founder, Livo Holdings Inc.
    (Prop-Tech, 2019-Present)
Bill Sunshine financial group member

William Lopez

Bill is the Marketing Director for Sunshine Financial and a Co-Founder & CEO of Livo. Since 1992 Bill has been a pioneer in developing new technologies and services for the multifamily, senior-living, and student-housing markets.

Bill started each the company from its inception, managed them through a rapid growth phase, sustained profitability and ultimately led the companies to the acquisition to larger firms.

Career Highlights

  • Marketing Director for Sunshine Financial
  • CEO & Co-Founder, Livo Holdings Inc.
    (Prop-Tech, 2019-Present)

  • President ANOA
    Resident Communications (1992)
  • President, NPC
    Newsletter Publishing Company (2003)
  • SVP, Renters Legal Liability (2010)
  • SVP, CO-Founder, Property Connect (2015)

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